Nuna Pipa Review: Should You Buy It?

When you see Nuna Pipa, the first thing you may remark on is the price tag. At over 400 dollars, you might wonder if you should get this car seat. While it isn’t the forever car seat, it is pretty good, and it can get you and the infant through the first couple of months quickly. You will have to switch over to another car seat eventually, but the thing is, you can use this with BOB strollers, or a stroller that uses this adapter, and it does come with features that you can use in your vehicle. Here, we’ll explore whether or not you should get this for your little one with this Nuna Pipa review.


The Features 

First, let’s talk about some of the cool features of this. For starters, it can hold for children up to 32 pounds in the rear-facing seat and can maintain a max height of 28 inches, so it’s good for most infants. It does come with a mesh drape that you can use to help the infant sleep during car rides.

The material of the seat is lyocell fiber and merino wool, making it pleasant to sleep in and be seated in. 

The seat does come with the standard five-point harness. It’s great for safety and has been tested for both side-impact and leg impact, protecting both of these.

If you are going to travel with the infant, it is aircraft certified, so there is no reason to need to buy a travel seat. It is incredibly light weighing less than 8 pounds, and it’s the lightest infant car seat on the market today, so if you are transferring this from car to car, or even to strollers, it might be your best option.

It also has a reclining ability, which allows it to anchor into the base, making it so easy to put in that you may never struggle with this. 

This car seat is also weather-resistant too, and it does have a way to muffle out sounds with the sunshade, and it can even be used in the strollers too.

While you may need to make sure the car seat is installed correctly, it can help protect the baby. This one allows for you to have fool-proof installation, and with the LATCH system, it will protect the baby. 

It is incredibly stable and great for those parents who are worried about those formative years, for it will protect the baby both in and out of the car.


The Pros 

This is a great one for newborns, and it can be taken out as the baby grows. The insert can also be removed too, and the compatibility with BOB strollers allows for you to ensure the proper experience for your child. If you’re taking a taxi from time to time, you can quickly secure this with a belt, making it useable without the base too. The installation takes seconds also, ad it is incredibly hard to mess up. About 93 percent of accidents that happen in cars with an infant involves improper car seat installation, but the Nuna Pipa prevents this from being a problem. 

The Cons 

There are cons to this as well. The zipper on the canopy is a bit flimsy, and if you’re too rough with it, it will break off. Some might think that the cape on there isn’t long enough, so it won’t cover the space to let your child sleep. There is extra leg support as well, but the piece of the car seat that’s near the legs can end up shaking if it’s a long car ride. 

These are the primary issues with this, but luckily, there aren’t any recalls that you need to worry about. You also will need to get a stroller with an adapter, something that this seat doesn’t come with, and is sold separately.

Ideal Customers 

This is a good car seat for those parents who want to have just one car seat for those beginner years, who like the idea of transferring their child from the car to the stroller without waking up. If you don’t feel like lugging around a heavy seat, this is probably your best option, since it is the lightest on the market. It also has incredible stability, and it is okay if there is a chance that there may be an accident. It is something to consider if you want the premier safety for your child and to help protect them when they’re in the car, whether it be your car, another’s car, or even a taxi or rideshare service. 


So Is It Worth The Money? 

Here is the problem with the Nuna Pipa. It’s incredibly sturdy, super safe, and you probably will get a lot of use out of it. But, the newest models are over 400 dollars, and you may be able to find an older model for 299 dollars, but again, that’s a lot of money. However, if you want to save money, Nuna Pipa review says this can be great as a travel set, especially if you’re going to have the ease of the stroller.

It can be worth it if you feel like you’re going to use it. If you’re a parent that is traveling a lot, and you need to have the kid around, and you’re going to use the stroller, then, by all means, get this.


But, if you’re a parent who isn’t leaving the house a lot, and you’re not going to be using this for either function, then I do suggest potentially getting something a little bit cheaper. The biggest thing to remember is that you’ll get what you pay for with use. While you will need to get another car seat in the future, this might be an option if you want to have the adapter. It is a stroller that you should consider, especially if you already own a compatible BOB stroller and want to have both of these products together to use them. You might want to check Nuna Pipa reviews to evaluate better if it is the best choice to go for. 

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