What Is A Good Stroller For Child Over 50 Pounds?

When you think of a stroller, you tend to think that it’s for kids who are up to three years old, maybe four. Kids who are over 50 pounds tend to be in kindergarten or a similar grade. Why would they need a stroller? Well, there are a few reasons why investing in a stroller for children over 50 pounds is a smart move, and in this post, we will explain more. 

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Why A Child Over 50 Pounds Needs A Stroller 

  • They’re Tired

Even after 50 pounds, there are still some children who are still taking naps and who are tired after a long day at the park. A stroller is a good investment if you want your child to take a nap as you push them back to the car or wherever they need to go. A tired kid is an irritated one, and sometimes you just want a place for them to crash while you leave. Here is your option.

  • They Have A Disability, Surgery, Or Other Injury 

If your child has a disability that makes walking difficult, or they are recovering from another type of surgery, a stroller may be a good investment to push them around. Even as a temporary use, investing in a big kid stroller is a smart move when you don’t need a wheelchair just yet.

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  • They’ve Had A Growth Spurt 

Some kids are still young, but they may have had a growth spurt that has made it much more difficult to be in their regular stroller. Some kids have that spurt early, and may still need a stroller regardless.

  • They Just Want To 

Sometimes, they just want to ride in a stroller for a little while longer, and why not give them the opportunity to? They’re only young once, so we think that a stroller may be worth an investment. 

With that said, you don’t want them to become too dependent on it. They can’t be in their teens and still wanting you to stroll them around. Make it an occasional thing, especially when they are tired.

What To Look For In A Stroller For Bigger Kids 

  • Weight Capacity

This is the obvious one. If your kid has a sudden growth spurt, you don’t want a stroller that doesn’t allow room for growth. Some of the strollers on this list barely cut it at 55 pounds, while others go over 100. Think about how much weight you need. 

  • The Stroller Weight Itself 

Also, think about how heavy you want the stroller to be. Heavier strollers may be able to hold more, but they are a hassle to carry around, and they may not be as good to store as other strollers. You may want a stroller that is a balance of both. 

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  • Other Features 

In addition, you may want to look for a stroller that has some storage space or good maneuverability. You may want a stroller that has other features as well, such as a good canopy. With a stroller for bigger kids, there are fewer bells and whistles, to be honest.

The Best Strollers To Check Out 

Now, let’s look at some strollers for your child over 50 pounds. 

  • GB Pockit Plus 

This is a stroller that is quite minimalistic. It has a nice little umbrella canopy, a basket, and four wheels. It’s quite lightweight, so if you’re looking for a stroller you can carry around, it’s quite portable at 13 pounds. With that said, its weight limit isn’t flexible. It’s 55 pounds, which may turn off some parents from getting it if they need a stroller for a little while longer. But if you need a stroller that inches a little bit above 50 pounds, there you are.

This stroller is a jogging stroller, which means that it is great for mothers or fathers who want to go on a little jog in addition to strolling their child. This stroller has three wheels, making it much easier for you to turn and maneuver it. When you’re running around and there are tight corners or spaces, you can’t go wrong with this stroller. At 22 pounds, this stroller is a little heavy, but it does support up to 65 pounds.

Also, a jogging parent is another reason why you may need a bigger stroller. You may be able to run a marathon, but your kid may not!

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This is another stroller designed for jogging. It’s another stroller that is quite heavy, going up to 27.5 pounds, but the trade off is that you have a nice weight capacity. You can hold a child up to 75 pounds, making it an awesome little stroller. So get out there and jog, and let your kid sit down.

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This is one of the coolest ideas for a stroller around. It combines the stroller with a childhood favorite, the wagon. Children of all ages love lying in a wagon and having someone pull them, and this is a wagon they can lie on, with the shade protecting them from any annoying sunlight. 

Also, the weight capacity of this stroller is awesome. If you’re 110 pounds or lighter, you can take a ride in this wagon. Some petite adults could ride in this thing. Your kid will feel like a king or queen as they ride in this wagon.


If you want a stroller for bigger children, you do have your options. Sometimes, a bigger kid needs a stroller, and you shouldn’t deny them one just because they are big. If you ever see a  parent with a stroller, and in the stroller is a bigger kid, try not to judge. Often, they have a reason, and if you’re looking at this article, you may have a reason as well.

Do you have a stroller for a bigger kid? How did it go for you? Tell us more. 

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